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The Members Of The Catholic School Council for  2017-2018

Executive Council: Denise Da Ros-Presutti (Chair) Rita Mirhassani-Vahed (Vice Chair) Olimpia Rodrigues (Treasurer) Evelyn Pascuzzo (Secretary)

Members-at- Large: Eliana Beltrano Angela D’Angelo Marcella Di Lieto Anna Iozzo Josie Locilento Tony Lorini Helene Smart Peter Vecchiarelli Peter Walsh

Marlena Salvador (Parish Representative) Pina DiStefano (Community Representative) Mr. Lavor (Principal) Ms. Collins (Vice-Principal) Mr. Flynn (Vice-Principal) Mr. Teixeira (Teacher Representative) Ms. Ana Lisa ... Continue reading "The Members Of The Catholic School Council for  2017-2018"

Outstanding School Participation Award 2017

Holy Cross Catholic School Council proudly supports the “Outstanding School Participation Award” which demonstrates student commitment that enhances school spirit.  Every student who is a fully participating member of three (3) or more extra-curricular activities in the 2016-2017 school year will receive the award.  

It is the responsibility of the student to fill out this form, and return it to the Guidance Department ... Continue reading "Outstanding School Participation Award 2017"