Dress Code

The school uniform is supported by our parent community and staff of Holy Cross Catholic Academy. Students who enroll at Holy Cross do so with a full awareness of the uniform requirements. Therefore, when a student chooses Holy Cross, he or she agrees to abide by the established dress code. Both staff and parents regard the school uniform as a means of creating a distinct school identity. Students who do not respect the dress code are in effect undermining this goal.

It is mandatory for students to wear the Holy Cross Catholic Academy Uniform.

Students may wear any combination of the following:

  • Black shoes with black laces
  • Dress navy blue pants with school logo at the knee
  • White golf shirt (short or long sleeve) with school crest with white T-shirt underneath
  • White crew cut long sleeve shirt with school crest with white T-shirt underneath
  • Zippered front jacket (dark blue) with school crest on the front with short or long sleeve golf shirt underneath (a white T-shirt under the golf shirt)

Proper wearing of the uniform

  • Jackets and head gear of any type must be put in the locker when students arrive at school
  • Coloured T-shirts of any type are not permitted underneath a Holy Cross uniform (white is the only acceptable colour)
  • Any design modification of the school uniform will render the item(s) non-conforming
  • Make-up, jewellery and hairstyles must conform to standards of good taste and must not distract from the main purpose of education
  • Body piercing, except for the ear is not permitted
  • The Holy Cross gym uniform may only be worn during gym class
  • The final decision about what is acceptable uniform attire and good taste in appearance/grooming rests with Administration

Civies’ Day

Clothing that is revealing and/or contains obscene/rude slogans will be deemed to be inappropriate school attire. It will be treated as a uniform infraction. The final decision about what is acceptable rests with Administration.

  • No crop or tube tops
  • No pyjamas
  • Modesty in dress is the guiding principle

Consequences of non-compliance

Students are to be in full, well kept uniform during the entire school day (including lunch) and on field trips (unless authorized by Administration). Violations will result in:

  • 1st occurrence V.P. warning
  • 2nd occurrence V.P. call home
  • 3rd occurrence sent home or determined by V.P.