HCCA Mathletes

Do you have a passion and enthusiasm for Mathematics?  
Do you enjoy solving challenging math problems?  
Can you problem-solve under pressure?

The HCCA Mathletes
consists of individuals who are able to solve problems using innovative and creative solutions.  Students provide unique solutions in their pursuit for solutions to complex and “messy” problems.  They are able to perceive, visualize, and generalize numeric and non-numeric patterns and relationships, while taking risks with mathematical concepts and strategies.

  • The HCCA Mathletes will begin meeting in February 2021, to aid in preparing students to write the Waterloo Math Contests, specifically Pascal, Cayley, Fermat and Euclid Contests.
  • In addition, we will aim to participate in the Canadian Team Mathematics Contest, where groups of 6 students compete against other teams of students.

For more information, click on this link: HCCA Mathletes Info

If you are interested in further strengthening your problem solving skills with peers who have similar abilities, please complete the following Google Form:  HCCA Mathletes Sign Up

Coaches: Mr. Chappell, Mrs. Giuliano & Mrs. Ranieri